a beginner’s guide: packing a carry-on for any vacation

Last week, I wrote about how packing a carry-on can make your vacation more enjoyable. But how exactly do you go about packing less stuff?

Below I’ve compiled my favorite tips for flying with a carry-on. Whether you’re going on a month-long trip overseas or just taking a weekend getaway, these tips will get you — and your stuff — from Point A to Point B, hassle-free.

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how packing a carry-on can enrich your vacation

Years ago, when I was probably 8 or 9, my mom and I were packing for the yearly Girl Scout mother/daughter camp-out held at the campgrounds a few miles outside of town. My mom entered my room to supervise my packing and found me surrounded by about a dozen stuffed animals of varying sizes, all of which I planned to take with me on our trip.

“No,” Mom said. “You can’t take them all. Choose one; that’s it.”

What Mom didn’t understand was that the stuffed animals I left behind would be devastated and deeply offended by my lack of loyalty (I was a child growing up in theĀ Toy Story era, mind you). I ended up smuggling all of my stuffed animals to camp in the bottom of my rolled-up sleeping bag. That night I ate marshmallows around the campfire with my fellow Girl Scouts, impressed by my powers of deception — until it was time for bed.

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Living an asset-light life

Over the weekend, I helped my boyfriend move from Kansas City, Missouri, to his new home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he’ll be starting grad school this fall. I use the term “help” generously, because he moved all of his necessary belongings in four boxes, two carry-ons and a laptop bag with almost no assistance from me. And for about $1,000.

How’d he do it? The answer is simple.

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